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1 mo old babies - 3 year olds (Classes are divided by age.)
When the kids entered the class for the very first time they were so quiet and tense but as soon as the lesson started they began following Angie and enjoying the poses immensly!
Akemi (mother of 5 month old)

Angie is just amazing with the children!! She really knows how to grab their little hearts. I really appreciate the way Angie always kneels down to the children's level and talks directly to them instead of just to the parents. My son seems to enjoy every lesson more than the one before....the more he comes, the more he likes it. He sings and dances to the yoga songs at home all the time.

Miho E. (mother of 2 year old)

My daughter had a great time. When we got home she started doing the dog pose all on her own.
Miho M. (mother of 2 year old)

We had a great time! I love that the lessons are for mom and baby both! When we got home my son raised both of his hands in the air and started saying �E�uYay!�E�vjust like Angie said during class. When I sang the "Namaste Song" for him he put his hands together in front of his chest and started bowing.
Ikue (mother of 1 year old)

We had so much fun! The kids were enjoying moving their bodies which made me really happy to see. The music and songs were amazing!
Hiromi (mother of 2 year old)

We had a great time! I want to use yoga as a reason to get out of the house once and week and do somthing new.
Keiko (mother of 2 month old)

My daughter really enjoyed the class. Angie breaks everything down so well that it's easy to understand and do the poses. The lesson relaxed me. Both my baby and I had a great time!
Rui (mother of 5 month old)

My daughter sings and dances to the yoga songs every day. Everytime she gets in the bathtub she starts singing "Twinkle Twinkle" all by herself.
Atsuko (mother of 2 year old)

As soon as we got home my daughter put her hands together in front of her chest and said �E�uNamaste!�E�vto her Daddy. She uses the English she learned in class at home. Before she goes to bed she sometimes asks me to sing her one of the slow yoga songs as a lullaby. She loves when Angie praises her and tells her �E�uGood job!�E�v . Shes very interested in English and often talks about Angie at home. I love the fact that when we do yoga we are able to experience more touch than we would in eveyday life. Both my daughter and I love the class.
Akane (mother of 3 year old)

My daughter seemed to really enjoy the class!! The lesson was heavenly from start to finish. We had an amazing time! I've never seen my daughter happier.....ever! I was so surprised to watch her smile and laugh so much! When we got home she was in a great mood and was talking (mumbling) alot more than usual and moving her body all over the place. Angie is gorgeous! The lesson has such a wonderful ambience! I just can't say enough! This is an amazing yoga studio!
Hiroko (mother of 8 month old)

I thought it would be too early for my four month old daughter to do yoga, but we were able to do all the poses and enjoyed the class immensely! My daughter was so happy she was getting really noisy. I could tell that she was really enjoying herself! As for me I was able to stretch and move my body more than I usually do. I felt refreshed after the lesson.
Asako (mother of 5 month old)

We had fun and enjoyed meeting other babies.
Kazuyo (mother of 8 month old)

Angie is very mellow and attentive. The children seem to listen to her and are obviously learning a great deal. The relaxing atmosphere is nice for the children. My daughter likes to stretch and do the yoga poses. She even enjoyed doing them on the beach when we traveled to Thailand! I hope she will develop an interest that will lead to an ongoing practice of yoga. She certainly likes it and seems to understand its value. She has never been bored at yoga class as she has with other activities. Improved flexibility and stamina, an interest in relaxation and breathing techniques are also great pluses. She loves the imagery, the confidence building, and the music. I like the format of the lessons. My daughter talks about yoga class all the time!!
Louise (mother of 6 year old)

I noticed my daughter felt at ease in the class and very interested. Definately feel yoga would be good for her. The atmosphere of the class and studio is great - very relaxing. I think this yoga class can help kids focus. She will need this as she starts 1st grade.
Caroline (mother of 6 year old)

My daughter loves the lessons!! This kind of relaxing time is really important for kids. I am so pleased that my daughter is so happy going to yoga and looks forward to the lessons this much!! The fact that she is SO fascinated with her yoga classes has got to mean that Angie is an amazing teacher!
Simon (father of 5 year old)

My daughter was so relaxed during and after the lesson. I noticed how out of shape she is.
Masae (mother of 5 year old)

This was the first time I've ever seen kids yoga. The children were so quiet and relaxed! It was unbelievable! My sons body is not as flexible as it once was but I think that if he continues yoga regularly he can regain the flexibility that he has lost.
Shinobu (mother of 6 year old)

Thank you! My children really enjoyed the whole experience from meeting the instructor, Angie and the assistant, Maki to taking the class. Thank you.
Damon (father of 6, 9, and 10 year old)

The kids really loved the lesson and had a lot of fun!
Rick (father of 10 year old)

The children all look like they are twinkling during the lessons. My daughter is so happy with this studio! I think these classes really spark the children's imaginations and inspiration. My daughter likes to show her friends all of the amazing yoga poses she can do. I just can't get over Angie! She is beyond amazing! I don't know if she has some kind of special "Angie magic" or what but my daughter has been attending this studio for about six months now and she still looks forward to going every single time! I think that kids these days have alot of stress at school, with extra-curricular activities, friendships, and society's expectations of them. Going to yoga class evey week really helps them balance out their mind and body connection. Angie's weekly yoga classes are really a great spiritual healing opportunity for the kids. Thank you for the work you are doing for the children!
Hitomi (mother of 7 year old)

KIDS YOGA (Ages 3-12)
16:00 - 17:00 Thursday CAPE CORAL STUDIO

KIDS YOGA (Ages 3-12)
15:30 - 16:30 Tuesday ESTERO STUDIO

KIDS YOGA (Age 3-12)
10:00 - 10:40 Sundays (Age 3-6)
10:40 - 11:40 Sundays (Age 7-12)

BABY YOGA (with parent)
(1 mo old babies - 3 year olds)

sydney STUDIO
Opening soon


Florida STUDIO

Monthly Fee $45

Florida STUDIO

Monthly Fee 9,000 yen

*Scholarships and family discounts available for those in need



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